LeadershipDo you want to increase your effectiveness in working with people, developing leaders, and transforming lives?

Leadership Using Coaching Skills can show you how.

Leadership Using Coaching Skills is an essential mindset for leaders and potential leaders. There are practical tools, real life examples, and practice exercises that bring the coaching approach to leadership to life.

We begin with an in-depth look at the heart of leadership using coaching skills: the values and character qualities that give it tremendous power. If you grasp the heart of it, you will lead others by coaching them instinctively. We provide plenty of powerful stories and examples to help you discover how it can work for you. Starting with insights about how to build leaders from the inside out. There is an integrated paradigm for developing leaders through the use of coaching skills.

As one of our participants said:

“Without a doubt, this has changed the way I connect with my team. I have learned to be a better listener and not a teller. It has allowed me to ask my team members questions that help them to come up with their own solution to a problem.

We show you how to use coaching skills with interactive exercises and sample dialogues not monologues. You will learn coaching skills and best practices in the following seven key areas:

  • Creating the coaching relationship (formal or informal)One On One

  • Working with the other person’s agenda

  • Using goals to define the desired outcome

  • Intuitive/Active listening

  • Powerful questions

  • Creating action steps

  • Setting up support structures for change

We offer additional tools, models, and exercises to help you apply these coaching skills to real-world situations. Leadership Using Coaching Skills also offers extensive lists of powerful questions and key coaching skills and principles, feedback tips, tools for problem solving and much more. It’s a one-stop program for all the practical insights you need to enhance your leadership.