Why Work With Us?

As Business Owners ourselves we know what business owners and leaders have to deal with on a daily basis! We help business leaders achieve their vision, meet their challenges, and succeed by working with them and their teams individually or in groups on topics such as: leadership, business strategy, marketing, sales, customer service, operations, finance, and management training.

We provide products and services one-on-one, in a group of business leaders, online programs, and public speaking. Check out our speaker page.

We help business owners and leaders develop a plan on One Page that includes measurable Objectives and Actions. This is done via a web based system that is available 24 X 7.

We can meet at your location, our location, or via the internet (Skype, webinar).

Some examples of the outcomes business owners and managers can receive from our products and services:

Client Challenge:  How can I increase the business’ effectiveness?
        This client was totally frustrated that she was working 6 days per week and not seeing as much profit as she wanted. She wasn’t sure why this was happening or how to change it. We helped her to clarify why the profits were lower than she wanted, what her expectations were, and where the revenue was coming from. We helped her to determine who her ideal clients are and how to find more of them. We helped her to get a handle on her financials and expenses. She was able to turn a much larger profit (over 110%) in a short amount of time and to create a long term plan that works for her. We also helped here to put processes and systems in place to make her business run much more smoothly.

The Outcome: The business effectiveness and productivity is much higher and she is able to work less than 40 hours per week.

Client Challenge:  The economy is causing my business to have poor results.
This client was anxious about the fast-changing marketplace and his business fast-decreasing sales. By asking thought provoking questions like “What can you do about it?” and “How is that important to you?”, we helped him to reevaluate the business structure and reduce expenses while securing the ideal customers for his business. We helped him to find out what makes his people productive, what they enjoy doing, what they appreciate, and why they come to work. This enabled him to have the right people on the bus and in the right seat.

The Outcome: The business developed a strategic plan and accountability for reaching their objectives.

Client Challenge:  I need to reduce my stress and overworking.
        This client was working too many hours, skipped vacations, and his marriage was suffering. His children did not know him very well. Even with all the hours he was working, the business was struggling to make ends meet. There always seemed to be more month than money. He needed someone to throw him a lifeline. We helped him to create strategics goals and the action steps to move toward his objectives. We helped him to implement key performance indicators (KPI’s) so that he could track the progress of his staff and outside services. We helped him to lead his people rather than boss them around. We showed him how using coaching principles, he can get people to solve their own problems so they no longer had to some to him for the answer.

The Outcome: He is now able to spend more time with his family and take a vacation.

Client Challenge:  I am thinking about selling the business, what can I do?
This client was contemplating selling the business and needed to determine its’ value to a buyer. We asked her what it would be like after the business is sold. She did not know what she would do as the business was her life. The business had a good track record and loyal customers. The business owner did not have consistent systems and processes in place as too much was being done like it always has been done. There was a lot of paper floating around and the same people in positions for 20+ years. We helped them to implement processes that a new owner could follow. We helped them to determine a strategic direction and long term goals in order to reach their destination. We listened to what she wanted from the business and how she wanted it to continue on without her.

The Outcome: The business is much more valuable and she can wait for the right buyer and the right price.

In order to help successful business owners and managers to transform their business from status quo to soaring above the crowd and keeping an eye on the details from a distance:

Soaring Eagles Business Advisors 
provides the following Services:

2012-10-15 13.06.27Individual Sessions

coaching 2Group Sessions

complete strategic planOther Products and  Services



As an Advanced Certified Professional Business Advisor/Coach for businesses like:

  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Professional Services (CPA, Lawyer, Trades, etc.)
  • Software/Hardware sales and service
  • Computer Sales & Repair
  • Network Administration
  • Managed Services
  • IT Consulting and Services
  • and more.

Areas of Expertise are:

  • Accounting / Financial Analysis / Cash Flow
  • Profitability / margins / budgeting
  • Business planning / vision / mission / values
  • Customer Relations / Retention / Lead Generation
  • Marketing (social, internet, direct)
  • Sales
  • Systemization
  • Personal Effectiveness

and much more!