Why is professional business coaching important for your business and leaders?

Many business owners and leaders from large and small businesses utilize the services of a coach. Some coaches have specific areas they focus on like sales, leadership, marketing and financial. A certified professional business coach listens more than speaks. He or she wants to help the client discover and address what is working, not working, is confusing, and needs to change in the business or with employees.

Unlike most of our counterparts in the coaching profession, we don’t limit coaching to simply facilitating “self-directed action.” Instead, we recognize that that is just one arrow in the quiver of what business coaches need to master. We work to provide results that meet the needs of each specific client. Since businesses are made up of people, there are many different scenarios for business owners and leaders.

In addition to helping our clients make their own best decisions and realize their own self-directed action, business coaches can do the following:

  1. Question
  2. Probe
  3. Listen
  4. Allow silence
  5. Train
  6. Reflect
  7. Restate
  8. Consult
  9. Clarify
  10. Celebrate
  11. Teach
  12. Advise
  13. Mentor
  14. Befriend
  15. Facilitate
  16. Account for progress
  17. Inspire
  18. Validate
  19. Challenge
  20. Confront

When we can professionally discern which tactics are most appropriate during our sessions and when we can use all those tactics effectively, we provide the highest return on the investment that our clients make in our coaching. This is when we provide the best results and outcomes.