growthIs Your Sales Planning Process Confusing, Complex, Time-Consuming, or Non-existent?

You can have a Simple Single Page Sales Plan that drives you and your sales team towards your goals for the next 90 days! The power is in the simplicity!

Does your sales plan allow you to share the sales strategies, objectives, and tactics throughout your organization?

Are you frustrated with your last sales planning process? It was too time consuming and it changed almost nothing. Everyone still does their own thing!

Do you need to get and keep your sales team focused and aligned on the strategic initiatives that will grow the business?
Get clear on the objectives, strategies, and tactics necessary to get results.

Is it time for your sales team to have clarity, better decisions, and better results?

Do all of your sales people use the same methods for planning?

Why not have everyone on the same page and working in the same direction?

Turn chaos into clarity! Get Results!

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With a consistent method for sales planning that allows you as the sales manager to track and measure where your strategies and tactics are on a regular basis, you are able to see who is meeting their objectives and how you can help them to all be working towards the sales team goals as a whole!

The Planning system is:

  • Fast & easy way to write a sales plan
  • Create your plan in 30 minutes
  • The process works at all levels – reps, managers, teams, regions, and districts
  • Clear and concise blueprint for achieving 90 day sales goals
  • Simple coaching framework supports sales gowth
  • No complicated terminology or software to learn

One of our coaches/consultants will work with you to create YOUR plan, but not for you. After all it is YOUR sales team and you and they need to be able to live with the plan.

You will be able to answer these questions with clear & specific answers

What specific actions will you take?

What resources are needed?

What strategies will you implement?

How will you know if you achieved the desired results?

Why do Executives invest in this sales planning process? Because:

  • Traditional sales planning processes slow down high performing executives and their sales teams
  • Current planning process is NOT followed consistently throughout the organization
  • Each sales person has their own plan that may not match the overall sales plan

How our process is different.

  • Clear and on a Single page – a clear and concise blueprint for achieving 90 day sales goals
  • Simple and effective to cascade strategic sales decisions throughout the organization
  • Turbocharges your sales team to the next stage of focus, discipline, and results
  • No fluff, filler, or pie in the sky wish list

You will complete a 90 day sales plan that can be reviewed on a single page. It can also be revisited periodically online and gets everyone on the same page!

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