One on One Coaching/Advising

Individual sessions provide you the highest level of support and is the fastest and most effective way to improve your business.

Plan to meet your advisor/coach every week for about 1 hour, and also for a 30 minute follow-up telephone call to address questions, concerns, and developments during the week. All One Page Performance Plans, Business Effectiveness Evaluations, Financial Analysis, and Extended Disc tools are available for you and your staff throughout the engagement. You will have unlimited access to your advisor/coach via email and telephone. You and your advisor/coach will spend the first few weeks gathering information and analyzing where your business is and where you want it to go.

The agenda after the analysis is then decided by you and your advisor/coach, with the most pressing issues being addressed first.


This plan provides continuing clients both the reinforcement and sustenance needed to embed the success strategies into their business.

You and your advisor/coach meet bi-weekly to fine-tune the strategies and tactics implementation helping ensure that your business stays on track for success.

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