Business Lifecycle Transformation

You are a successful business owner or manager who wants to move your business to the next stage.
You are working hard and getting bogged down in the day-to-day issues of managing the business.
You find leading your people to be a daily struggle.
SEBA Business Scale-print-1This program will help you to take specific action steps to help your business move toward soaring above the crowd! We work with you to discover how your business can be different than it is today. We help you to bring clarity, vision, and values into your business and to set goals that are Heartfelt, Animated, Required, and Difficult based upon the book called HARD Goals. We invite you and your team to get excited again about what is possible and providing the products and services that are more meaningful, transformational, strategic, and useful. 

What is your WHY for being in business?

We call this Business Lifecycle Transformation and know that you and your team will find that you can’t get enough of it. Transformation is a by-product of making great decisions based on our insights together and taking the most beneficial actions at the right time. What often happens is that the chronic lack of time fogs your priorities, reduces idea generation, hampers accountability, and the best choices aren’t made. Then, instead of soaring above the crowd you are confused, frustrated, and as a result mediocre products and services are the outcome. You continue to follow the status quo and are conformed to what other businesses are doing.If you’re like many business owners and managers today, you are probably strapped for time too.Indeed you’re likely faced with the following challenges the Business Lifecycle Transformation Program is designed to address:The three most persistent problems that are causing you to conform today are:

  1. You’re working much harder or more hours than you want to be.
 It can be all consuming. The more you do the more that shows up. Your calendar seems to be out of control; the meetings seem to never end. At the end of the week, you wonder what you really accomplished. “If all else fails, at least I was busy!” you say to yourself.
  2. Time to spend on the important ideas is always out of your reach. 
Let’s face it, you’re so busy pounding out the work, coming up for air (and perspective) just doesn’t seem possible most of the time. Sure, you have some great ideas but they need to be nurtured and fed. You know they will have a big impact if only you could get to them.
  3. You need better results from your team.
 Of course your people need you but you don’t want them relying on you so much for the answers, insight, and guidance. Not only is it draining, but it is very time consuming. And when their performance is lacking, it’s often easier to avoid the conversation altogether, ask someone else to do it, or do the work yourself.

What you really want instead:

You may love the people side of management or view it as a part of doing business to produce the desired results. In either case, what you really want is to engage the people around you to quickly and easily reach your objectives.

In other words, you want to:

  • Focus you and your team on the stuff that really matters. You want to get clearer on the actual challenges and opportunities so you don’t waste time and resources working on the wrong issues. Covering every base is exhausting.
  • Get (and keep) people excited and engaged. It’s easy for any of us to get stuck in the mire of the day-to-day. You want your people to be excited about what is possible, providing what is meaningful, transforming, strategic, and useful.
  • Create bigger thinking and fresh ideas. Instead of settling for the first (and often mediocre) idea that comes along, be able to generate better, more effective options quickly and get everyone on the same page.
  • Stop feeling so overwhelmed and replace it with a sense of control and clarity. Knowing when and how to say ‘no’ more often so your plate isn’t so unmanageable and being busy isn’t confused with making an impact.
  • Develop a more self-sufficient team. Grow your team by challenging them to quickly solve their own problems instead of needing you so much. The trick is leaving them feeling capable, supported, and empowered (and you with more time). Yes, it is possible.

These objectives are actually quite attainable when you have a simple, practical approach any business owner or manager can use in 10 minutes or less. The solution? Business Lifecycle Transformation (BLT). This comprehensive program gives you the tools to provide focused, results-based advising and coaching that increases clarity, expands the possibilities, and creates accountability fast.

The program cuts through the hype and unnecessary complexity and makes it easy for you to leverage the people around them quickly, simply, and easily.

The program is designed to allow you to implement action steps to reach your objectives in a timely and attainable fashion. The program may include webinars, videos, e-books, conference calls, and of course, the sizzle of the program – the one –on-one calls and specific strategies and tactics that address many areas of your business. There are Three Keys to this program.

The “sizzle” of the program:

The Business Lifecycle Transformation program is built on three keys and the simple, flexible processes to leverage them:

Key Moment #1: Gain Clarity – Get Clear Organizations are filled with smart and well-intentioned people and teams working very hard, long, and creatively on the wrong issue. This key moment helps to create clarity and certainty about what the real challenge is so that time and energy aren’t wasted. Often, this is all that is required to address the issue. Once the challenge is clear, it can be equally clear what needs to be done to accomplish it.

Key Moment #2: Create Ideas and PossibilitiesPeople feel stuck when they can only see one way of doing something and they don’t like what they see. It drains your energy and encourages procrastination or disinterest. Here we learn from the wisdom of almost 20 years of the innovation and creativity professions to quickly create new ideas, possibilities, and options. New possibilities means better choices and better choices means focus on what makes the biggest difference. Do not be conformed, but be transformed.

Key Moment #3: Ignite Action!  Have you ever finished a conversation where good initiatives were addressed, but the value was lost because there was a lack of clarity of what would get done, by whom, and by when? This process helps create an effective, transforming, and clear relationship of accountability. You will learn the five core questions at the heart of any accountability conversation.

Other benefits of the Business Lifecycle Transformation (BLT) system include:

  • Stop suffering through endless debate or energy-draining meetings. Your time and energy are clearly and surprisingly easy to spend much differently.
  • Advising and Coaching becomes relevant, urgent, and immediately useful because you see how it is tied to your (and the company’s) goals. No longer is it simply a “nice to have” feel-good initiative.
  • Even the most unlikely business owners and managers can do this. Because the program focuses on processes instead of skill-sets, it no longer takes years of participation or the perfect behavioral type to capture its value. You do need to want it to work at it and be all in.
  • BLT is refreshingly simple to apply. No course binder to collect dust. Our web-based solution is designed to capture your action steps and your willingness to achieve results are all you need.
  • Free up personal memory. You will not need to keep everything in your mind. You will be able to ignite action but with crisp accountabilities so it is clear who is doing what and when and you can stop being anxious about it. You may even ignite a fire in the process to move your business beyond status quo.
  • Easily apply the one to one process with your team as a whole and transfer the benefits of clarity, larger thinking, and focused action steps to your group also.
  • Reduce the tension around performance related conversations. Because quality communication with clarity becomes much easier, relationships will be strengthened, and issues will not fester but instead get cut off at the source.
  • No caffeine is required. This program is creatively designed and then delivered effectively and consistently. This is a fun, roll-up-your-sleeves approach that makes the time fly by and the learning stick.

What you receive in the program:

Business Lifecycle Transformation (BLT) is a comprehensive program offered exclusively for groups of 8-12 participants. It can be provided on site or via webinar or conference call.

It begins with a one or two-day group facilitation. The core program is delivered in the first day. The optional extended two-day version provides a unique opportunity to increase your value by customizing and applying the material to a current specific business challenge that the participants are facing.

A Comprehensive post-session program follows to ensure the greatest odds of learning and implementation, including:

  • 20 week e-course reinforcing the distinctions of the program
  • Up to two facilitated group conference calls for questions, coaching, and further learning.
  • A buddy accountability system
  • Essential take-them-everywhere-you-go key moments cards:

  Key Moment #1: Gain Clarity – Get Clear
◦   Key Moment #2: Create Ideas and Possibilities
◦   Key Moment #3: Ignite Action


  • A copy of Traction by Geno Wickman
  • A Business Lifecycle Transformation Strategy Session for senior leader participants who want to integrate the program into their department or location.
  • 7 Essential Questions Coaching Card
  • An Extended DISC evaluation for each participant
  • A Business Effectiveness Evaluation completed by each participant

Is Business Lifecycle Transformation right for you? We also have a Small Business Lifecycle Transformation program for solopreneurs and businesses with less than 5 employees.   Yes check

Business Lifecycle Transformation (BLT) is designed for businesses with 5 to 500 employees and an executive team or core group in North America. It is highly effective for owners and managers of any level but can also be very valuable for individual participants who need to get results through other people such as subcontractors or virtual assistants.It has also been designed to address specific organizational challenges, such as:

  • Sales managers and leaders increasing retention of front-line staff.
  • Business associates who are driving the key customer or client engagement, satisfaction, and retention initiatives.
  • Managers enhancing organizational resilience during a significant change initiative.

Since you have gotten this far, in reading about the program you may be interested in taking the next step. If so, I invite you to CONTACT US for a Complimentary Business Lifecycle Transformation (BLT) Strategy Session.

In the strategy session we will explore what challenges you or your managers are facing, what results you would like to see, and whether this program may be right for you or not. Whatever the outcome of the session, you will leave the conversation with a clear understanding of the issues you are facing and excited about what is possible and achievable.

The conversation will take about an hour and can be done in person or by phone. Take the Business Lifecycle Challenge and book a Business Lifecycle Transformation (BLT) Strategy Session. I look forward to speaking with you.