Why would you write an article, blog post, or social media post that is vague or doesn’t connect with your readers?

In the last post (part 1) we provides ideas for how to write an article that generates attention. Now we will focus on create an attention getting title and types of articles.

How to come up the titles for your articles

Don’t worry about the category first, focus on coming up with a long list of ideas. For businesses, often the best place to start is with issues or questions your clients or customers have. Try to think of every question you were ever asked and every issue you have solved. And write a very long list of 50 or more topics. Don’t edit, don’t think, just write it down.

Then later you can go back and prioritize the most important questions and issues. Now turn topics into titles. “Unable to get attention of prospects” turns into Ten Secrets to Getting the Attention of your Prospects.”

How to Write Articles

  1. Create a very simple outline with your main premise, and the list of your major points. Don’t have too many points in one article.
  1. Write conversationally, that is, the way you talk. What would you say were talking to someone? Anyone who is a professional will know how to express ideas in a logical fashion. Forget all the so-called rules of writing, and just let it flow out of you. After all, this is material that you already know. You are just explaining it in writing.
  1. Start writing and do not stop until you are finished. A 750-word article can be written in a short amount of time.
  1. Don’t worry about typos, grammar, sentence structure. Just write. You don’t have to write fast, but you should write at a steady pace.
  1. Start at the top and work your way to the bottom editing as you go. Change words, clean up sentences, make things clearer until you are done. Do it again. Find more little things, do some fine tuning. And when you get to the bottom, do it again. More if needed. Three times will usually suffice. But keep at it until you can’t see any more changes you need to make.One thing you must not do is to write a sentence and then rework it several times before you are satisfied. Just write one sentence after another until you are at the end of the article and then edit as needed.
  1. For most people you should run it past a copyeditor. Have them go through it and correct any typos, grammar, and awkward sentences. You are not asking them to re-write it, but to just tweak it.

There are many ways to deliver your written content

  1. Evergreen articles on your website.
    When you go to a website, you are looking for ideas and information, not just details about products and services. Have more information that shares and tells rather than pitches and sells.
  1. Articles or reports you give to get someone to sign up for your newsletter.
    Write a more comprehensive article or report as a giveaway that people need to give their name and email in an opt-in form on your website. Add them to your newsletter list.
  1. Articles included in your email newsletter.
    Keep newsletter articles short and to the point. You want the article to be short enough to read in under 5 minutes but to give enough information that they can take action on it.
  1. Articles included in your blog.
    Post your articles on your blog. Do what you can do, don’t drive yourself crazy. Also consider inviting guest bloggers. There are a lot of people with good information. These guest bloggers will also drive people to your site when they share it with their connections.
  1. Articles sent to prospects, clients or customer.
    Write a series interesting articles that solve pressing issues. Articles with ideas and tips interspersed with case studies or pure case study articles are often the best. Send these articles to a prospect after meeting them, after being referred to someone, to someone you have had a conversation with but who is not yet ready for a selling conversation. Articles like this prove you know your area of expertise and shows that you have actually solved issues for others like them. A series of articles with a phone follow-up later can be a powerful strategy for getting meetings with pre-qualified prospects.


Write articles, write a lot of articles and use them to gain credibility, add people to your e-list and to get appointments with qualified prospects.