“I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies.” – Lawrence Bossidy

“Do not hire a man (or woman) who does your work for money, but him (or her) who does it for the love of it.” – Henry David Thoreau

How do you know that the person you just hired will be a great employee?

It’s not all about the person that you hire as much as it is whether they resonate with the mission, vision and values of your business. Do you have a clear mission? Is your vision precise? Are your values understandable? During the interviews you conduct, if you are clear with your explanation about each of these, then your statements cannot be misinterpreted by a prospective employee.

Having the right employees in the right positions can move your business beyond where you imagine. Having the wrong employees in the wrong position can break your company. I’ve seen it before, the wrong person in the wrong position and the reason simply was because of the dedication to the company. The employer felt obligated to that individual because of a sense of family. Hiring decisions cannot be made by a feeling of the heart, rather by what is necessary and important to the success of the business.

The strength of your business and its products and services are dependent on the strength of your employees. Do they work as a great team or do you have too many that are focused on me, myself and I? You trust your employees to get the job done but they may be focused only on their tasks, instead of the business as a whole. This is why it is critical to have the right people in the right positions.

You as the owner or manager have put a lot on the line with all your blood, sweat and tears over the years. You have invested your time and talents in growing the business. You have performed many of the roles as needed to keep the business moving forward. After all, the business depended on you during the early stages. It all rested on your shoulders and it is at your own risk.

You don’t want to take chances with the future of your business. You feel the pressure and the responsibility to your customers, clients, suppliers and your employees. You started the business in order to have control of your own situation. You wanted to utilize your skills and see results. You have endured through lean times and you like the feeling of exhilaration when the business soars.

In one of my businesses, we thought we were saving money by hiring employees that had just finished their training. We were a small business and we did not have the staff to spend time training them. We should have spent the time to educate them on the needs of the projects and followed up on any questions. We expected them to know more than they did. Don’t fall into this trap of trying to save money.

You may lack a clear hiring process and may be forced to deal with hiring when you urgently need another person for a position. An example would be when an employee quits voluntarily, so you scramble to fill the position. You feel the pressure of not having a replacement so you hire a friend, family member, someone who is unemployed, or someone who was recommended for the position. You don’t just let anyone into your house, so why would you let just anyone into your business? The key is to take your time in finding the right fit for the job.

Would you try a doctor for surgery?

When you decide to hire a person for a position in your business, you need to do your due diligence to find the best person you can for the position. When you hire family or friends, you may be putting them and yourself in a tough position if it does not work out. You know them prior to hiring them, so that can put your relationship at risk. The best policy is to hire for the right reasons and for the strength of the position, as well as the business. By finding the right candidate who is qualified with more experience and motivation, your business could move to the next stage of success.

Remember that your employees can make or break your business. They are your greatest assets. Learn how to hire right so that you have to fire less! It is much better in the long run to get the right people on the train to success.