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The Business LifeCycle Challenge group is a once a month group coaching and training that covers the essentials of Business and Personal Effectiveness.

The Business Lifecycle Challenge Group session are a unique, innovative blend of a Dynamic Workshop and the synergy of a Mastermind/Peer group. This goes much deeper than a Mastermind session.

This group meets for a one to two-hour session once a month for 4 – 8 consecutive months, depending on the topics to be addressed. The group includes non-competing business owners (up to 10) that are willing to share from their experience with the other members.

Topics covered may include a personal & business effectiveness GAP analysis, behavior style analysis (Extended DISC), vision, mission, and values, marketing, sales, customer service, human resources, and financial analysis.

Some topics that have been addressed are:
1. How to Stop Being Owned By your Business
2. How to Make the Most of your Time
3. How to Get Others to Understand what your do
4. How to Solve the “Money Problems”
5, How to Engage your Employees
6. How to Increase your Sales & Marketing Effectiveness

This group is most effective for motivated self-starters who need little follow-up to insure they put the knowledge gained into practice in their business. All members of the group are to keep the information that another member reveals in the strictest non-disclosure, so that everyone is more willing to share from their expertise.

You will also be given the opportunity to request an individual session where we can address your particular situation confidentially.

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