After you have connected with the person responsible for booking your talk you must always follow up. If you don’t follow up then you are putting all your time and effort into creating the talk at risk.

Follow up to get your talk booked. This can be by email, phone call, or mail (postcard). You want to find out how many sign ups there are and remind them of your talk.

If they ask you to send more info or they must pass by their boss these are just excuses. Remember that they are busy too and need to think about it.

We don’t follow up because we are afraid of a no or that we are pestering them. It may not be their #1 priority or on the back burner for them/ What if they say yes but mean no. There are so many limiting belief as to why we don’t follow up.

Assume that everybody is an adult and will tell you what they really want. A yes means YES and more info means I want more info. Take what they say at face value and don’t assume they mean something else.

If they say No then move on!

You will rarely get a YES right on the spot. There is always some sort of follow up needed.

During your follow-up. If they want more info then send your speaker sheet. Is it cold or warm call? Ask them when you should follow up with them. If they say call me next week then call them next week. It is unlikely that they will call you. Make your call on the specific date and time. They will keep you waiting. Be persistent.

Permission based follow up. You can say if I don’t hear from you can I call you next week. This puts the ball back in your court. You need to decide based on how valuable speaking opportunity could be to you. Do you really want to get in front of this group? Don’t give up (they may hear about you from someone else). You could say that I am sorry if I am being a pest or too persistent or thorn in the side. You need to find out if they are still interested. They are not thinking about you so don’t feel bad if they don’t remember.

Write down reminder to call them. Ask them what they think about your Speaker sheet (your profile). Every time they say they will call you back then ask if you can call them back the following week to follow up/ Always ask for their permission.

Set up a date & time that works for your calendar & the coordinator’s calendar. Have a couple of options. Send your speaker sheet to allow them to promote it to the group. Have a sign-up sheet with your speech title. If it is a lunch and learn see if you can have an order form. Who will be advertising the talk?

Pre-event interview form. This is a homerun hitter. You want to know about the audience. Who is in the group, what are their needs, what is the room like? What are your top 3 questions (what want to know about audience).

How is your preparation for the talk? What will the sound system be like? Is there a wireless lapel mike available? Let them know what you need for talk. Who is your ideal audience (business type, women, men, young, old). Make sure that talk to them prior to get additional background information like how many people will be attending. Your confidence level goes up because you are prepared.

Who is in the audience, what do they struggle with? How is the room set up (projector, presenter, PowerPoint, etc.)?

Create great rapport with the coordinator and let them know that you really want to serve the audience.

Highlight 2 days on calendar prior to the talk. Are you ready and do you have enough materials (handouts)?

How long is it before a talk can be given? Are they booked out beyond a couple weeks? Make sure to do the pre-event interview closer to actual event date.

If it is a Lunch & learn, have the lunch order done in advance to talk. Do not provide everything (others to provide condiments, drinks). Are employees required to attend? Call caterer service early.

Where can you present your talk?
Local associations, professional selling association, chamber of commerce, etc. Are there pre-assigned times and schedules? Has anything changed since your talk was booked? Has the number of attendees changed (20 people vs. 100 or more)/ See of business can print the handouts. Will you offer to bring handouts with you?

Send a Thank you to the event coordinator after the talk. You’re your calendar for when you will follow up for another talk. How many months in the future?

Have extra items with you (white board, easel, flip chart, own equipment). Always have a plan B. Does someone know how to use the equipment (projector)? Don’t make your talk reliant on your slides (PowerPoint). Can you provide your talk without using the slides? Have a couple of copies on handouts.

When speaking to grow your business you learn that you can leverage your time by getting in front of the right people (not everyone). You need to monetize it. You will not have to run around to coffee meetings.

Focus on who is the right audience.