A Method to Follow in Your Presentation

What is your method for verifying whether you have covered all the bases in your talk?

Here is a checklist you can follow to make sure your talk is valuable and clear.



Did I begin the talk with the end in mind?
a)  Do I have a clear call to action and outcome that I desire the audience to take.?
b)  What do I want to reveal to them?


 Is each point I am making clear?
a)  Do I have a relevant Then, Now, and How story for each point?
b)  Have I varied the stories?
c)  Do I have a few reflective questions sprinkled throughout?


Will I have a Q&A session? If so, how will I keep control?
a) When will the Q&A session happen? Please do not end with the Q&A as this is fatal


Do I have an offer?
a)  How will they sign up for the offer?
b)  Have I included a time limit or bonus for signing up […]

How to use Public Speaking in Marketing

When I started my first business I had no experience speaking in public. I worked with customers that had technology issues and I mostly spoke in the language of techno speak. I spoke in terms that I knew with many acronyms and computer slang. As I worked more closely with the actual users I had to change to speaking in terms that they could understand. The terms I used were that same terms that they used when they wanted me to do something for them. I did not try to tell them how I was going to do something.

As I grew the business I discovered that I needed to be able to speak on many different levels from the executives to the employees. They each had a different need as some needed more details than others. This is when I discovered Toastmasters.

When I joined Toastmasters, I thought I would check it out for a […]

Seven Tips For Writing Your Book in 30 Days

Are you a lone writer who has been putting off a story idea, and you have decided it is now or never? Maybe you a part of a group of people that are determined to write a book together. Maybe you want to interview other people who can add insight for your book. I know from experience that I had someone who was encouraging me to share my ideas and experience.

Writing a book in a month can have its challenges. When I wrote my book I spent time a coffee shop where I could concentrate on one chapter at a time. I told a few people there what I was doing and they wanted to know if they could get a copy when I was done. The coffee shop wanted to help me promote the book. They could say that I wrote it while I was at their coffee shop. You can find many […]

Four Ways Writing a Book Can Boost Your Business

Many business owners and leaders are using their experience and expertise and turning it into books. Some of the books may end up on a best seller list. Many self-publish their book like I did using Amazon Create Space. The author retains the rights to their work and pay for printing costs per book sold.

Writing a book isn’t the right for every business owner or leader. Writing the book is the easiest part, promoting your book takes even more energy. Still, becoming a published author can be a valuable way for business owners and leaders to stand out from the crowd. Here are some of the ways writing a book can help you identify and promote your business and raise your profile.

1. Promote Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)
When you write a book, it is important to connect with the specific benefits that you bring to your customers or clients. This can differentiate you from […]

The Excuses that We Tell Ourselves

When I had a personal trainer, I exercised weekly (lifting weights, walking on the treadmill, rowing, or shooting baskets), felt better, lost weight, and seemed to somehow find time for it. I made time for it. I made it a priority.

I spent a focused amount of time creating online products or programs using the tools available on Coaches Console. The difference comes in executing and informing. I have told people about them once, maybe twice. People tend to forget about you unless you keep in front of them.

When I am connecting regularly and consistently, it becomes much easier. I know longer make excuses for not following up. I may not always hit my goal, however, the chances improve significantly, and I get much closer, when I create a plan and keep at it regularly.

It just works when you are consistent.

Of course, this is where the creativity comes in.  This is how we convince ourselves that […]

How a Change in Perspective Results in Business Progress

The failures and successes of your business are often due to your perspective. Short-term failures can result in long-term achievement, while quick wins may lead to future losses. By changing your business perspective, you can turn what seems to be am obvious failure into a glowing success. You can also accomplish the opposite as well!

Shifting your business mindset can help you to better understand the situations and avoid a false perspective. But to change your mindset or perspective is often easier to say than to do. It is crucial to the success of your business (and often yourself) that you gain and maintain the right perspective that ensures you are making the best decisions. Before you change your perspective, you need to identify what is holding your business success back or remaining as status quo.

Here are five ways you can successfully change your business perspective:
Slow and Steady Wins the Race
Think of your business successes […]

Do you Celebrate Success?

What does celebration look like in your business? Do you focus on the failures and forget to celebrate your successes?

As a business owner and leader, I have found that at times I have focused on the mistakes or failures and not made any congratulations or acknowledged the successes. I am sure that people that worked for me saw me as someone they did not want to bring a problem to. I would take ownership of a problem with a client and completely ignore the positive outcomes that had been achieved. Does this sound like you?

Have you done this?

I remember a time when we were moving our office from one floor to another in the same building. I asked all of the employees to empty their desk so that they would be ready to be moved the next day. One employee decided he was too busy to spend time cleaning out the desk. He told […]

Creating Systems from Standard Operating Procedures

As you think about systems what comes to your mind? Many businesses think of systems in the form of a computerized system. Systems must incorporate an effective process or processes.  If you have people in your business that are doing the same job but each person is doing it differently, then only one person (at the most) is doing it the best way. Everyone else is doing it in a less-efficient and less-profitable manner.

When people do the same job in different ways, it is likely you will have a wide range of variation in your products or services.  As we all know, variation can kill your brand and frustrate your customers or clients.

A key in running efficient, profitable operations is to have “systems” that everyone follows in producing your product or delivering your service.  The goal is to develop systems that promote the highest level of efficiency and profitability while producing predictability and desired […]

The Ten C’s of Employee Engagement

What are some ways to keep you employees engaged and connected with your business vision, mission, and values? What is your corporate culture like? Is your business a place where people want to come to work? Do your employees tell others about the business and why it is special?

Here are ten ways to keep your employees engaged:
Connect – Connecting with your employees shows that you value them and their contributions. The employees’ performance and productivity is a direct reflection on their relationship with their boss. Actions speak louder than words.

Career – Provide challenging & meaningful work opportunities for career advancement. Good leaders will challenge employees. These challenges can be met and are realistic. This instills confidence with HARD goals. HARD goals are Heartfelt, Animated, Required, and Difficult.

Clarity – You communicate a clear vision. You have clear goals & everyone wants to achieve them. You have specific values & what the organization stands for, wants […]

Ten Business Plan Myths and the Compelling Truths

Business planning documents can be overly complex if you make them that way. Why do we believe the following myths about business planning?

The Ten Myths are:

All Business plans are in writing
The plan MUST be long to be good
The primary purpose is to obtain financing
It is easier for others to do the business plan
You can and should do it by yourself
It takes at least 6 months, a significant amount of people’s time, and hiring expensive consultants
Once it is completed, it will sit on a shelf, so why bother
The business is to small; business plans are for larger businesses
I know where my business is going so I do not need a business plan
I can pay a consultant to write it for me and that will be good enough

Can you relate to any of these myths or have you believed them? Why do we believe these myths?

If these are really myths, how will you overcome them?

I have […]

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