What is your method for verifying whether you have covered all the bases in your talk?

Here is a checklist you can follow to make sure your talk is valuable and clear.



  1. Did I begin the talk with the end in mind?
    a)  Do I have a clear call to action and outcome that I desire the audience to take.?
    b)  What do I want to reveal to them?

  3.  Is each point I am making clear?
    a)  Do I have a relevant Then, Now, and How story for each point?
    b)  Have I varied the stories?
    c)  Do I have a few reflective questions sprinkled throughout?

  5. Will I have a Q&A session? If so, how will I keep control?
    a) When will the Q&A session happen? Please do not end with the Q&A as this is fatal

  7. Do I have an offer?
    a)  How will they sign up for the offer?
    b)  Have I included a time limit or bonus for signing up today?
    c) When will I present the offer? Please do not do this at the end of the talk.

  9. Do I open with a big bang and gain their attention?
    a)  Do I give them a road map to follow?
    b)  Do I give them a big promise of what they will receive?

  11. Have I closed the talk in a way that will leave them on a high, feeling hopeful,
    and/or calling them to act? Do they want to know more? Closing with a big bang!

  13. Do I have a transition teaser between each point spelling out why this next point
    is so important to grasp and making them hungry for me to reveal it to them?

  15. Did I show some vulnerability or humanity in my presentation? Are they able to
    connect with me?

  17. Do I use results driven language throughout the talk?

Finally, Have I practiced my presentation?