When you’re motivated, you’re on top of your priorities and feel good about yourself and your work. When you are not motivated you struggle with deadlines, procrastinate, feel bad about yourself and are less likely to perform well at work and home. Here are four ways to make motivation part of your daily routine.

1. Make a To-do List

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to pick up a project you were working on the next day? You often have to back track a little to refresh your brain on where you were. One way to shorten the time is to make a to-do list at the end of each day. This way you’ll know exactly where to pick up in the morning.

2. Set Goals

Studies have shown that the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is constant and concentrated activity, i.e. GOALS! Goals such as making a certain number of phone calls before lunch or not going to play golf until the bathroom is clean, can not only help you get things done, but make you feel more accomplished. At the beginning of each day, look at your to-do list from the night before and the new tasks you have for the day and set a plan of attack or goals, so you can get everything done and feel productive.

3. Find Joy

Make meaningful connections with your coworkers and clients. Send birthday cards to prospects or customers. A hand-written note can go a long way today. Take a moment to do something you enjoy, read a book, watch a TV show, relax. See how many phone calls you can make in an hour or a day without caring particularly about the result. What can you give of value to others without expecting anything in return?

4. Reward Yourself

A great way to avoid burn out is to link rewards to an activity instead of success. For example, every five calls you make reward yourself by getting up and stretching or eating a piece of small candy. Find out what reward works for you. For big successes, increase the size of the reward. If you get a promotion, reward yourself with a nice dinner or bubble bath. A great way to create motivation is to give yourself a reinforcement gift that comes form superior effort.